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About us

Empowering Organizations for Success

Dextra Consulting is a professionally managed organization providing HR Consulting, Training and Software Development services to various corporate clients in India and Abroad.It helps organizations in identifying and recruiting talented and qualified professionals who can contribute to the organization’s future and success.It is adept in identifying the “right person for the right job” with optimum cost & time.We provide knowledge consulting to global corporate’s and institutions in their learning and development needs.

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Learn About You

We begin by learning about you and your business.

Specification Development

In the initial meeting, we discuss the requirements of role.

Interview & Assessment

We will conduct phone screening for qualified and interested candidates.


We often play an important role in negotiations.


Our Philosophy

Insightful Collaboration

We ensure to work very closely with corporate management team, so that we gain insight and understand more about the process in the organization, its business and culture.

Pioneering Progress

A dedicated and focused approach to research and assessment combined with a high level of ethics and values makes us the most progressive firm.

Tailored Partnerships

We introduce to our clients only those trainers and candidates who are professionally and personally compatible with the company.


We ensure to maintain the highest professional standards at all times. We strictly follow confidentiality and integrity maintained in our relationship with the client and the candidate.


Best Corporate Training In Chennai

Qualified staff on board for several High End and Cutting Edge Technologies. Our trainers have met and exceeded stringent evaluation criteria of several software firms. Have been consistently appreciated with good feedback. Have received titles like ‘Best trainer of the month’ on numerous occasions. Good network of freelance trainers, When we do not have a trainer on board for certain niche skills oftentimes our good rapport with freelance trainers with those skills helps us serve our customers.

  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • World Class Worker
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business communication skills.
For your business



To be the leading provider of talent management, executive coaching, leadership and team development consulting in Asia.


To provide integrated consulting services partnering with the client to attract, retain and grow talent to drive individual, team and also organizational performance in a consistent way.

Are you looking out for Best Non-IT Recruitment Consultancy and Corporate Training Company in Chennai ?


Most common question about our services

    • Our Team has vast years of experienced IT industry veterans with domain expertise to bring the best educational resources to diverse audiences.
    • We deliver the best results for each client’s unique needs through flexible training models comprised of on-site, off-site and/or offshore training teams and we offer career oriented software courses for Final year college students and fresh graduates to acquire key career oriented skills to get lucrative jobs.
    • The curriculum brings together the latest software content, strong technical and to help you stay on top of industry developments and equip you with the right skills.
    • Trainer will be deployed at your college and anytime assistance for you.
    • A blended learning approach, integrating classroom, hands-on lab exercises and team projects to provide both theoretical and practical training to solve real world problems.
    • Well experienced Corporate Trainers at your College to take special care for you on your career.
    • Latest Trending Technologies been focused for you to meet the Industry needs.
    • The latest software content and knowledge of IT developments in the market to keep you ahead of technology trends.
    • A top-class real-time faculty comprising of field consultants, technical specialists and education experts.
    • A comprehensive based format to build technical foundation and widen skill specialties quickly.
    • Dextra’s Online Exam Portal enables the students to evaluate themselves on the training taken and to identify where they stand.
    • Training by a top-class faculty comprising of field consultants, technical specialists and education experts.
    • Live Real Time Industry Projects for the students during the training and for their final year projects.
    • Business English Training, Aptitude Training, HR Mock Training are some of our additional benefits for your college students.


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